Donate to the first Ashdod Pride and Tolerance Parade תרמו למצעד הגאווה והסובלנות הראשון באשדוד

On June 21st we will be celebrating the first Ashdod Pride and Tolerance Parade, which is the first ever Pride Parade in Israel's history which is organized be LGBT youth.

Ashdod, which is located 30km south of Tel Aviv is the main port city of Israel and the fifth largest city in the country (approximately 220,000 residents). Yet, most of the people who come out of the closet just flock to Tel Aviv and leave the city, which has no LGBT scene. On the other hand, the LGBT youth group of IGY (Israel Gay Youth) is the largest one in the country.

That is why 22 girls and boys aged 15-19 have decided to initiate the city's first ever Pride and Tolerance Parade. For this purpose they have recruited the Six Colours Association, who gives us the logistic and organisational assistance.

Listening to responses from within the LGBT community and outside of it, we expect 1,000-1,500 participants in the parade. Here is a link to our Facebook event page.

Our goal is to make a change. The city of Ashdod is a city of diversity, and we feel that it is time to stop being invisible. We aim to raise a further sum of $2,000.

We would be more than grateful if you could assist us and donate any sum you wish, in order to assure the success of this historical event.

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